Dimapur Traffic Police informs on designated crossings – Roses distributed to riders without helmet

Dimapur, January 14 (NE): On January Two, a joint spot verification was conducted by Dimapur Traffic Police alongwith stockholders involved in the construction of the four-lane road from New Dhansari Bridge, Purana Bazar to Patkai Bridge Chumukedima and the following locations were selected as proposed median cuts/designated crossings along the four-lane stretch as a follow up to the directive from the Chief Secretary of Nagaland, dated, December Thirty, 2019:

1. Zion Hospital Junction

2. Toluvi Junction / Hollohon Petrol Pump

3. Hollotoli School / Naharbari Junction

4. Aoyimti Junction / Darogapathar Village Gate

5. 3rd Mile / Nagarjan Junction

6. Airport Junction

7. Diphupar Village Gate

8. Central Jail / Agri-Expo

9. Green Park Junction

10. Sovima Village Gate

11. 7th Mile / Sukhovi Junction

12. Chumukedima 2nd Gate

13. Chumukedima 1st Gate / Police Complex.

This was stated in a press release by Dimapur Police for general information with effect from January 20, 2020. Only the designated crossings will be used for crossing over to the other lane and all other temporary earth filling will be removed. Dimapur Traffic Police will be implementing the new regulation in a phased manner starting from Purana Bazaar.

The Dimapur Police requested all to abide and comply with new traffic regulations, as stated.

Meanwhile, Traffic Police Dimapur along with Unity College Dimapur observes 31st National Road Safety Week 2020 under the theme, “Bringing Change Through Youth Power,” from January 11 – 17, 2020. As part of the observation booklet on Road Safety & MV (Amendment) Act 2019 were distributed, while students from Unity College today distributed ‘roses’ to bike & scooty riders without helmet.

Traffic Police added a gentle reminder to always wear helmet while riding. Banners on SAFE DRIVING like “#DRIVE SAFE #WE CARE”, were also erected at eight important locations in Dimapur, it added.