Odd-even vehicle rule within Dimapur district to continue

Dimapur police extends odd-even vehicle rule until further order

Dimapur, May 18 (NE): Lockdown 4.0 has begun today nationwide as per the declaration by the Government of India till May 31, 2020. The government of Nagaland has ordered all the existing guidelines of the lockdown to continue untill further orders.

Regarding traffic rules and regulations, the commissioner of police, Dimapur, Rothihu Tetseo, IPS, on May 17, 2020, informed that the order on May 08, 2020 on odd and even number day for vehicle movement within Dimapur district shall continue till further notice.

Earlier, the odd-even traffic rule was introduced for a week, with effect from May 11, 2020 till May 17, 2020, which will now continue until further orders as per the Commissioner of Police, Dimapur.

Odd-even traffic rule only allows odd-numbered and even-numbered vehicles to ply on the roads on alternate days. Vehicles with registration numbers ending in odd numbers will be allowed on the roads on odd days and even-numbered vehicles will be allowed on the roads on even days.

Odd number Day:

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, only vehicles with registration number ending in odd numbers (e.g 1, 3, 5, 7 & 9) will be allowed to ply.

Even number Day:

Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, only vehicles with registration number ending in even numbers (e.g. 2, 4, 6, 8 & 0) will be allowed to ply.

This prohibition and restriction on movement of vehicles will however, not apply to those vehicles exempted through various government notifications that are currently in force in the state and Dimapur district.

Violation of this prohibition / restriction order will be liable to be penalized under section 177 and 179 of the MV Act 1988.

All citizens are therefore requested to abide by the prohibition/restriction order which is issued in the convenience for the public, it added.

Further, it said that the order is under section 115 of the motor vehicle Act 1988 (as Amended by Motor Vehicle Amendment Act 2019).