Dimapur: DNSU busts high priced chicken meat sellers

DNSU busts high priced chicken meat sellers
Picture Credit: DNSU

Dimapur: The Dimapur Naga Students’ Union (DNSU) found out during a surprise inspection of several popular markets in the city on Wednesday evening that many butchers were selling poultry much above the rate fixed by the Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC).

The student body led by its vice-president Sentimeren Pongen and general secretary Mhajan Tsopoe carried out the surprise checking at around 3 pm on Wednesday after receiving several complaints from the public.

The inspection was conducted with the permission of DMC administrator Moa Sangtam as such crackdown comes under the municipal council. He added that they were assisted by two police personnel from the Commissioner of Police office and East Police station Dimapur.

The DNSU leaders, who checked the price of poultry disguised as customers, found out that several butchers were selling it (poultry) between INR 200 and INR 220 against the prescribed rate of INR 140/kg for broiler (undressed); INR 180/kg for broiler (dressed); and INR 180/kg for layer and kuroiler fixed by the DMC on August 31, 2018 after considering the grievances of the butchers and comparing with the rate in the neighbouring state of Assam.

A total of 17 butchers from New Market, Supermarket, Rail Bazaar and Nagarjan junction were found guilty of selling poultry above the fixed rate. The offenders were brought to the DNSU office and later let off after a stern warning, said Tsopoe.
Around 100 kg of chicken were confiscated; which was later distributed to the orphanages and old age homes in Dimapur.

Asserting that the surprise raid was carried out to bring about awareness among the citizens of Dimapur, Tsopoe has asked the public to inform the DNSU and the DMC if they come across such deception. The Union also thanked the Dimapur police and the DMC for their assistance.