Dimapur Area Ao Baptist Churches & Civil Societies Donate ‘Multi Public Utility Center’ at District Hospital Dimapur

Dimapur Area Ao Baptist Churches & Civil Societies donate 'Multi Public Utility Center' at District Hospital Dimapur

Dimapur, January 11 (NEx): In a Philanthropic contribution during COVID-19 pandemic, the Dimapur Area Ao Baptist Churches and Civil Societies Co-ordination Committee on COVID-19 built and donated a Multi Public Utility Center at the District Hospital Dimapur.

The newly constructed Multi Public Utility Centre at District Hospital, Dimapur has a provision of 4 toilets, 2 bathrooms, UV purified drinking water point, hand washing & face washing booths, mobile phone charging points and spacious resting shed under the same roof. The dedication program of the hall was held today, January 11, 2021.

(Multi Public Utility Center at District Hospital Dimapur, constructed and provided by Dimapur Area Ao Baptist Churches and Civil Societies)

A press release from the Convener, Supu Jamir and Secretary, Imti Jamir said that it had the privilege to successfully manage 3 Quarantine Centers at the Dimapur Government College from June 1st till June 21st, 2020 for the returnees during the pandemic crisis.

‘As a token of reciprocation and tribute to everyone who had contributed towards the successful management of the Quarantine Centers, the Committee in consultation with the Ao community of Dimapur and with due approval and guidance from the Dimapur District hospital authority decided to build and donate a Multi Public Utility Center at the District Hospital Dimapur as a reminder of God’s love,’ it said.

‘This magnanimous effort was accomplished successfully without any glitches through the constant prayers and support from all walks of life and for which we are deeply indebted as we continue to extend our humble acknowledgment and gratitude,’ it added.

‘It also said that the Biblical teaching of Love, Kindness and Giving were manifested as the returnees donated Rs 43,361/- along with prayers and beautiful letters of love, thankfulness and appreciation. This was indeed an extra ordinary blessed time for all of us to serve the people and contribute our modest services in response to the appeal made by the Government of Nagaland,’ said the press release.

‘COVID-19 pandemic will be here with us for sometime and as a small effort towards the attempt to control the pandemic through practice of proper hygiene, it is our humble prayer that this facility would be beneficial to everyone as we continue to praise His name and Glory,’ it stated.

‘You have not lived today until you have done for someone who can never repay you. – John Bunyan’