Dieticians Offer Free Diet Tele-consultation for COVID-19 Patients

Dieticians Offer Free Diet Tele-consultation for COVID-19 Patients

Dimapur, June 04 (NEx): Clinical dietitians from Dimapur are offering a free diet Tele-consultation for COVID-19 patients specially with co-morbidities like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, liver disease & kidney disease.

Informing this in a press release on June 3rd, a clinical dietician from Nagaland Multi-speciality Health and Research Centre (NMHRC), Zuthunglo Odyuo said that nutrition is one of the important measures in managing COVID-19 patients and even during recovery from COVID-19, the right kind of diet is essential to strengthen the already weakened body.

There is no uniform diet, what you eat and drink depends upon the severity of symptoms and tolerance. There is no specific food that will cure or prevent COVID-19 but a healthy diet will help to strengthen the immune system, Odyuo said.

The dietician said that there are a lot of questions/confusion on food & COVID-19 and we have been answering those queries and we know that many are facing scarcity and food choices are limited. We can help you make the right nutrition choice with what is available within your reach, Odyuo added.

Any COVID-19 patient who needs assistance may contact the following numbers from Monday to Friday between 1:00pm to 3:00pm.

+91 9089948182
+91 8787591732
+91 7627954738