DFL season two results of day four

Dimapur, September 7, (NE): The Dimapur Football League (DFL) season two, results for day four are as follows:

a) Kachari Sporting Club lost to Tribal United FC by 4 goals.

b) Fugu FC and Spartan FC ends in a draw with 4 goals each.

c) Aphuyemi FC with Burma Camp FC too was a draw with 2 goals each.

Meanwhile, Director, 24/7, Dimapur – Annie Jain was the match patron of the day.

Day five chart for today’s play:

Tribals Hurtlers FC vs A1 Powerplay FC

Kachari Sporting Club vs Chanan FC and

One Ten FC vs Fugu FC

A business woman, Smti Kuholi Chishi will be the match patron.