Desperate times call for desperate measures, Tuensang Police goes extra mile to help the public

(Tuensang Police face mask making unit | Photo: SDPO, Tuensang)

Kohima, March 28 (NE): Desperate times call for desperate measures. Amidst the global pandemic, Tuensang Police officers and personnels are not leaving any stone unturned to stand up to the situation to fight and combat against the deadly Covid-19 and protect its citizens.

Dr. Pritpal Kaur IPS, SDPO, Tuensang in a conversation with NagalandExpress said that she was a doctor before joining the Police force, so she felt that, containing the outbreak and preventing microorganisms infections is foremost and face mask and other protective gears are the need of the hour.

She informed that Tuensang lacks basic amenities and in this period where basic protective masks and gears are unavailable, without any formal training the department took up the task of making protective masks in the beginning. At present, 14 Tuensang police personnels and Police tailors are working daily for 8 hours along with 4 private tailors.

The SDPO said that, she read one government article and just gave the idea to stitch since there was no availability of face masks due to lockdown and also took permission from SP Tuensang, Shri Bharat Laxman Markad, IPS, who supported the team financially and morally. We started making in bulk which was the minimum we could do for prevention, she added.

“We are making a four layered home made mask from sufficiently porous cover material since we didn’t get surgical mask material due to lockdown. It can at least prevent from droplet infections specifically from infected persons whenever they may cough or sneeze. Later I asked our SP, if we can stitch PPE personal protective gears also, and with his permission we started making that too for our police jawans and medical team working on the frontline”.

(Donning the Personal Protective Equipment made by Tuensang Police, Police officials along with CMO| Photo: SDPO)

About the response from People, Dr. Pritpal Kaur said, response is very positive since we are giving masks to all the needy people along with awareness on personal hygiene in Tuensang. We are also providing to any department which is working in the field and are not having masks with them. Its highly noticeable that public and police relations are getting healthy since cooperation by public is sin qua non in this kind of situation, she said.

Further, she said that, till now they have given around 1000 face masks to various departments like special branch, Farmers, fire and services , FCI Tuensang, villagers, street vendors, general public, and also 10 PPE personal protective gears to medical team of CMO on Friday, March 27. It is the minimum we could do as its better than no prevention, she added.

About the sponsors/funds; she said, there is no sponsor as such, it is the SP office and its family welfare money being used for this initiative. Moreover, Tuensang Police along with Fire and Emergency Services Department, purchased and sprayed disinfectants in the whole Tuensang town, informed SDPO.

This is one of the situation that going the extra mile to meet the need of the hour seems just too good to be true, but Tuensang Police showed the way. Police personnels and medical officers are on the frontline on this battle against COVID-19 pandemic. Having the right armor for battle is the basic need of the hour, especially when it’s an unseen enemy, whose only visible face is the symptoms developed among the infectants.