Deputy Chief Minister’s speech episode takes an ugly turn; guns trained on the whistle-blower now

(Nagaland Deputy CM at 51st Lotha Students Union Conference at Merapani in Wokha district)

Kohima, February 4 (NE): Nagaland Deputy CM, the latest entry in the national media from Nagaland through a speech at the 51st Lotha Students Union Conference at Merapani in Wokha district, episode now takes an ugly turn as it gets personal.

A print media in Nagaland has reported on the BJP General Secretary statement about the whole incident which was questioned by many in social media as it takes an ugly turn into a personal attack on the whistle-blower. Especially the part it says, ‘he was a “self opportunist’ and habitual defector who earlier raised his right ‘Hand’ (Congress), then he was sweeping the street with the Broom as AAP and finally ending up with the Globe (NDPP), such “habitual defectors and fame mongers” have no ground to be a leader in any political party or NGO – unquote.

The whistle-blower, who questioned on the speech of Nagaland Deputy CM has made it very clear that it was not an attack against any political party or any individual rather he is questioning the speech delivered by his Deputy Chief Minister. Earlier, he had written a letter along with the speech audio to the Hon’ble Governor of Nagaland requesting the Governor’s intervention on this matter.

Ever since the speech audio was circulated in social media, a notification issued by Nagaland Deputy CM said, his speech in his own dialect is being twisted and misrepresented by his political opponents to score political mileage, especially on the social media, which I pity. No comment I made there had any relevance to NPSC. I only stressed NPSC couldn’t be manipulated in a different context, but my intention is being misrepresented, he added.

BJP Wokha unit also issued a notification, it said the speech has been twisted without cross examining the logic of the actual message. Rumours have been spread with misleading captions. We want to make it clear that the “caption” is purely wrong and twisted. Such “dirty tricks” architect has no place in a civilized society, said the notification.

The issue may not end very soon as it gets ugly and personal now, while the climax of this whole episode are awaited, perhaps in coming days it will come up with solid proof to counter the questions rather than shooting the whistle-blower, added a senior citizen.

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