Department of Land Resources, Nagaland jointly receives 9th Earth Care Awards

(Kethosituo Sekhose, Deputy Resident Commissioner, Nagaland House, New Delhi receiving the Earth Care Award on behalf of the Nagaland State Land Resources Department)

Dimapur, November 16 (NE): The JSW-The Times of India, Earth Care Awards (ECA), 9th edition held at New Delhi on Wednesday, (November 13) awarded People’s Science Institute (PSI) and Department of Land Resources, Nagaland, jointly for their springshed development project across Nagaland, under the ‘Community Based Mitigation and Adaptation’ category of Earth Care Awards.

Kethosituo Sekhose, Deputy Resident Commissioner, Nagaland House, New Delhi received the Earth Care Award on behalf of the Nagaland State Land Resources Department on Wednesday, November 13.

The Land Resources department launched springshed pilot projects in 11 villages, one pilot project in each district during 2016-17 in technical collaboration with People’s Science Institute (PSI), Dehradun, informed the department.

Springshed development initiative was started to address the issues of regenerating springs, streams and underground flows. The prime focus is to identify recharge area of springs and streams and enhance the recharge through community-led (participatory) actions and for proper management and equitable distribution of water.

The Earth Care Awards (ECAs) is a joint initiative of JSW and The Times of India group, the campaign highlights locally evolved climate friendly practices in the production and consumption regimes across multiple sectors with special reference to climate change. It recognizes the actions and innovations for climate change mitigation and adaptation by communities, entrepreneurs, large scale industries, women led enterprises and urban bodies.

The Earth Care Awards spans five categories: 1) Leadership in urban climate action, 2) Community-based mitigation and adaptation for water resources, agriculture and forestry, other land use, animal husbandry and climate risk proofing, 3) Innovation in climate action, 4) GHG mitigation in large enterprises 5) Leadership of women-led enterprises in climate action.

These awards were instituted in 2008 to identify and foster action across sectors on mitigation and adaptation measures in response to a growing need to identify responsible corporate practices and identify and foster locally-evolved responses.

In the last few years, the Awards have received notable entries from the region, Saarc nations, countries which need to address and tackle common challenges of poverty, depleting natural resources, climate migration and conflict over access to natural resources. This includes devising an energy infrastructure not dominated by fossil fuels.