DCCI reminds Dimapur based shopkeepers on precautionary measures

Dimapur Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI) reminds Dimapur based shopkeepers on precautionary measures

Dimapur, September 02 (NEx): With the nationwide Unlock 4.0 in operation, the Dimapur Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI) reminded of the safety guidelines for shopkeepers/business houses, customers and public alike.

In a press release by DCCI, Dimapur on September Two, it urged all shops to ensure social distancing, insist on wearing masks (both customers and shopkeepers) as well as provide hand sanitizers in their respective shops. DCCI also directed all shops not to entertain any customers who are not wearing mask.

DCCI pointing out that the business community has undergone immense hardships since the past six months, urged organizations and groups not to harass and burden the business community at the present juncture, just when they are trying to start from scratch. DCCI said this in regard to reports of rampant increase in taxation and monetary demand with resumption of normal business activities.

Further, the Chamber reiterates it’s strong opposition to the cess on petrol and diesel levied by the state government. Despite the cess, the business community has so far not hiked prices of goods and essential commodities,but if the cess is not lifted, the business community will be forced to hike prices as transportation charges have become a heavy burden, it said.

DCCI, meanwhile expressed gratitude to the district administration for giving green signal for reopening of HongKong Market, New Market, Hazi Park Market and Millennium Building Market. The DCCI appealed the welfare committees of these markets to strictly enforce the laid down guidelines.