DC Reny Inaugurates Noklak’s First Indian Oil Filling Station

DC Reny Inaugurates Noklak's First Indian Oil Corporation Ltd Filling Station
(DC Noklak, Reny Wilfred, IAS inaugurating the first Indian Oil filling station in Noklak | Photo: DIPR)

Kohima, October 24 (NEx): The first Indian Oil Corporation Ltd filling station for Noklak was inaugurated by Deputy Commissioner Noklak, Reny Wilfred, IAS on October 24, 2020 in Noklak Hq. located at Pangsha road below Nokyan village.

Speaking on the occasion as Guest of honour, Reny Wilfred stated that, Noklak filling station of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd is the first milestone achieved after formation of the district. Till date, all customers have been dependent on private sector of petrol and diesel where the district administration have not been in a position to effectively control over the private parties with frequent shortage situations, he stated.

The DC appreciated the NGOs and civil organizations for their support and hoped that the Indian Oil Corporation Ltd will be flourishing in Noklak district.

DC expressing concern said that the road connectivity from Chendang Saddle to Noklak Hq and from Noklak to various administrative circles specifically Thonoknyu should be the next milestone.
He added that initiatives have already begun to get special provision to ensure good road where landslide can be cleared at the earlier stage. He hoped that, with the support of Public, Leaders and elective representatives, connectivity which is an all-weather road should be made available in the district. When there is better road connectivity, price of essential commodities will be low, he added.

Proprietor of Noklak Filling Station H.Thangsoi, President, Khiamniungan Tribal Council, Ngon and President, Thang Range Public Organization, Hangthing also spoke during the occasion.

The programme was chaired by P.Khumo and was attended by SDO (C) C. Phuniang, EAC, KTC, KSU, KMH, TRPO, DBs & GBs and various representatives from different societies of Noklak Town and neighboring villages. Dedicatory prayer of Noklak Filling Station of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd was led by Pastor, Longdon Baptist Church Rev. B.Chillia.

(Source: DIPR)