DAYO appreciate NFHRCC’s initiative for consultative meeting over foothills road

DAYO appreciate NFHRCC's initiative for consultative meeting over foothills road

Dimapur, February 03 (NEx): The Dimapur Ao Youth Organisation (DAYO) appreciated the initiatives of the Nagaland Foothills Road Co-Ordination Committee (NFHRCC) in inviting all the 11 tribal Hohos and all MLAs representing the affected tribes who traverse the foothills road to a consultative meet on February 5th, 2021.

In this respect, DAYO appealed to all the honorable MLAs from the Ao community to attend the meeting and be a part of the decision making to realise the dreams of completing the foothills road into reality before the arrival of monsoon this year.

While expecting a positive outcome from the proposed meeting, the organization made their stand clear that they would not compromise for nothing less than a completed motorable road before the onset of monsoon.

“We have patiently waited long enough since the mid 1970s hoping that those in the corridors of power would consider the plight of the majority of Naga tribes affected by the incomplete road connectivity. Your statesmanship by cutting across political party lines for peoples’ welfare will be a trendsetter to the much needed equal developmental policy along with strong political will that Nagaland needs today”- DAYO stated.