DABA Youth Ministry distributes 2000 car waste bin at Dimapur

(DABA Youth Ministry team distributing car waste bin at Dimapur)

Dimapur, November 16 (NE): A wastebin totaling two thousand pieces for 4 wheelers has been distributed for free today on November sixteen by Dimapur Ao Baptist Arogo (DABA) Youth ministry starting near City Tower to Batacharali at Dimapur city.

According to an information recieved here, DABA, which stands for – Dimapur Ao Baptist Arogo is a big Church situated at the heart of Dimapur city itself has been doing such yeoman service towards the society in different occasions. In this regard, the Youth Department under the Church has initiated to do a noble part in solving litter in the road side and beyond by making full use for the vehicle owners – not to throw waste, but to put in the wastebin provided in one’s vehicle from now on.

This way, the litters can be thrown afterward in the right places as decided by the owners. The public from different sectors of the society today thanked particularly the youths and the Church in general for such services in times when needed.
It is being observed that the youths are planning further activities in the future too. And according to reliable sources, other Churches too may take up similar lines in the coming days.

Perhaps, this way, the Church has open gates to put innovativeness even in the daily ministry levels, citizens observed.