CRF urges govt for prompt action on perpetrators of March 22nd incident

CRF urges govt for prompt action on perpetrators of March 22nd incident

Kohima, March 28 (NEx): The Civil Rights Forum (CRF), Peren, Nagaland in it’s statement said the recent killing of three Zeliangrong citizens, burning of dwelling houses and vehicles at Lamhainamdi Village under Peren District, Nagaland on March 22nd, is a direct and intentional violation of human rights and urged the state government for prompt action against the perpetrators.

CRF asserted that the motive behind the action tells the intention of the perpetrators and such callous attitude and criminal mindset must never be left unpunished and said that the law of the land is to bring about justice at the face of all wrongdoing and doers.

Further, the forum stated, ‘Taking life at the whim of personal interest is against humanity, against all norms and orderliness in the society. Civic citizens of the state must voice out against all forms of perpetration and corruption. All elements of corrupt attitude and evil intentions are reflected in the action of the doers. The law does not favor the wrong but execute rights against the wrongs’.

It also affirmed that every Naga tribe has by natural apportion occupies respective territorial areas or region and are traditionally been preserved and protected by well demarcated boundaries. Any sort of encroachment is liable to be convicted by customary laws or laws of the land. The Zeliangrong people like any other Naga tribe have their traditional land occupation since time immemorial. The Government has to exercise its authority to safeguard the customary rights and interest of every Naga Tribe. If the crooks and corrupts individual are let to go about violating the rights of other fellow and neighbor human person, and the government can be silent, then the men who runs the government are no difference but of the same stock, it stated.

The forum also stated, by act of traditional practices and usages, every Naga tribe has own their own land and the system of government has demarcated by way of defining a sub-division or district or state. Every citizen are obliged to comply to it by act of ethical laws. It is crystal clear a matter that the Peren District has by traditional act of land occupation belongs to the people of Peren District inhabited by Zeliangrong people. No act of laws or force or power can deny or defy the rights of the landowners.

Therefore, justice speaks that recognizing and respecting the rights of the people is the mundane ethic of every citizen and it is a mandatory authority of the government to protect it. When the government of the day fails or ignores to do its responsibility to protect the rights of civil publics, the end result will be chaotic and the government will be held responsible for its consequential eventuality.

Its statement further reads, ‘No rights of law can save or favor the greed and crook but reveal every concealment of wrong under any circumstance or pretext one may shelter or cover by. Nature has its own way and time to reveal the truth and lay open the wrong before all to see and shun. Killers and perpetrators must come out themselves clear in open confession before God and men to be saved and forgiven. Rights that contradict must be set straight by pronouncing right judgment based on natural justice by the just court of law. Until then, Conflict and confrontation will continue to devastate and destroy our society to the last man, it said.

The Civil Rights Forum urged and appealed the government to prompt up its measure against the perpetrators and exercise its authority to execute power to book the culprits and deliver justice to the deserving in due time. Failing which the Forum shall be compelled to pursue public interest litigation which the Government and the perpetrators will be implied legally.

Members of the Civil Rights Forum also conveyed deep condolence and share the grievances with the bereaved families and relatives and the people of Peren District.