Covid-19: How did 9 Nagas get quarantined for a day in Gujarat?

(The Nagas at AMC hospital along with police officers on Saturday, March 21, 2020)

Kohima, March 22 (NE): Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak across the world which took away more than ten thousand precious lives, the Northeast Indians has been found most effected not because of the deadly virus, but sadly for their Mongoloid features.

Speaking to NagalandExpress over the phone Cathy, one among the nine, narrated about their nightmare experience of being quarantined at Ahmedabad Medical Center (AMC) for more than 24 hours based on a complaint received by the officials.

“Cathy and her friends are working in an international dental insurance company located at Sola Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat for the past five years. “On Friday, March 20, 2020, all nine of us were busy on our own work like any other day and suddenly at around 07:00 pm the cops came for investigation stating that we are from China and wanted us to get tested for Covid19. So we also cooperated with them because we knew the current situation and that everyone is afraid of us because of the way we look”, she narrates.

We went for check up as instructed and reached sports club of Ahmedabad Medical Center (AMC). On reaching there, everyone got tested and the result came out negative. Despite the result, they refused to let us leave.They quarantined us right away. We questioned the officials why they are admitting us when the result is negative because we feared that despite being tested negative, if we continue to stay for a longer period of time in the hospital, we may get infected.

We asked them that if we get infected who would take the responsibility. They had no answer with them. We were scared and panicked due to the current situation and so we made the video and shared it. After it got viral, an IPS officer posted in Gujarat, Wapang Jamir came to help us with his team, along with the Deputy Municipal Commissioner of Ahmedabad and Deputy Commissioner of Police Ahmedabad on Saturday, March 21, 2020 evening.

They further checked on the test reports conducted and told us that we can go since we are all fit and fine. The Police officers escorted us back to our residence, she added.

Expressing their gratitude, Cathy said, that the Gujarat Govt. supported us the whole time and the Naga People out here, helped us a lot. We got positive response from Nagas all over India in different forms. Even the Nagaland house in Delhi helped us. We are thankful to everyone and right now we are at home fit and fine. We also want to encourage the Nagas out there not to be afraid and stand out for our rights. Stay safe, stay strong and take care. God bless! Thank you” – unquote.

Later the officials apologized to them saying it all happened due to misunderstanding, based on the complaint received by the Police and the call received on Helpline number, authorities have detained them on precautionary measures for the coronavirus situation, they said.