COVID-19 effect: Nagaland’s best pineapples facing roadblock?

COVID-19 effect: Nagaland's best pineapples facing roadblock?

Dimapur, July 11 (NEx): Medziphema Division of Dimapur district under Nagaland is famous for growing the sweetest pineapple in the world. Not surprisingly, Molvom village is so favorable for Pineapple.

The village comprises of three hundred households, whose sole occupation is pineapple cultivation. Besides providing support to the farmers and their family, procuring the pineapple in bulk from various small scale farmers has ensured regular financial support around.

Since the economy of whole country hit the rock bottom adversely because of the stringent lockdown, the farmers face different hurdle like transport impediments reduce market as logistic plays a crucial role in delivering products to the consumers. Simultaneously the state does not have cold storage facility for perishable agro-products for longer period.

NagalandExpress (NEx) got an opportunity to get updates from the ground level on July Nine through a source:

“Sharing an account of my interaction with pineapple growers, one L. Haolai said ”Approximately, 80 tons per day has been sold out during harvesting season both Bunsang and Molvom, as such customers from others states are very much necessary to connect during harvesting season.

As pineapple is cultivated in large scale at Molvom and Bunsang village, only local consumption is not enough, outside buyers are required. If 2 or 3 days, Assam bandh is called, our pineapple is perished. As such, Agriculture -department should search out means to sell the product, which is the hard earned product of the villagers. Otherwise, the villagers will face miserable loss, waiting for the positive result,” – unquote.

Nagaland pineapples are one of the best in terms of quality, sweetness and juicy. It is learn that bulk of it is exported out of the state to Assam mostly to Guwahati and from there, it is further transported to other parts of the country. But in current situation, the farmers are said to be in a deplorable condition as their hopes are in jeopardy without any backup. It is in this condition that Government of the day must be envisioning to create ways so as poor farmers are not faced with dire situations.

Hence, in conclusion, it is the plea to the govt. to prioritize their market platform and to blend with modern technology for storage and transportation to sustain both the fruits and the farmers.

It is pertinent to note that Pineapple Festivals use to be held, but due to COVID-19, the entire scenario has been changed drastically this year.

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