Come November; Examination fever grips Nagaland

(Students appearing exam | File Photo)

Dimapur, November 19 (NE): November is the examination month for students in Nagaland . It is this time of the year that will burn candles trying every effort to pass by the concerned students. It is also the time when every teachers will give the best for the welfare of students in checking the answer scripts. Few lakhs if not less, are in the examination halls in every schools and colleges of Nagaland during this time – giving their best.

According to an information, lakhs of children are admitted in both government and private schools; another few lakhs in colleges – but for the college, in one way, due to the semester system, things has changed. Whether we like it or not, it is from schools that our future is decided, said a senior citizen today. As many will opt out due to various situations back home; moreover, in college level, it’s expensive, another observed.

Time has definitely changed due to RTE and others. But, few felt that things don’t go on right in Nagaland because the private schools are doing quite well inspite of money being spent in educational sectors in the Government schools. This informal discussion were carried out, in a time when there are doubts that few students in Nagaland may be appearing their exams – because of vast reasons like either no concerned textbooks or even teachers in that government school.

Such discussion are doing rounds in social media Platforms for quite sometime – as netizens are popularly called the social media warriors here at Nagaland. It is through such round of talks that various likeminded projects were seen happening like on potholes among others.

It is pertinent to note that there has been a division among the private and the Government schools where a gap has to be filled following the footsteps of other successful states in India.