Coincidence! NSCN (IM), Naga Hoho press releases with same objective: a report

Dimapur, February 28 (NE): In the past few days till this morning – a common point of press releases has been published in traditional newspapers to digital media even on social media platforms as on February Twenty Eight from NSCN (IM) and other civil societies. Is it that they want to pressure Government of India that time has come so that an honorable solution is the need of the hour?

NagalandExpress has also been observing that lots of notifications and press releases coming out – time definitely has come to ripen the peace talks, as stakeholders including other civil societies have started to put up the same point with Government of India like never before. Transparency from every side is also important to carry forward the honorable solution for peace in Nagaland & North East India as well.

Government is very interested to see the Act East policy through North East India then perhaps gearing up in practicalities will only pave the way for every one. Nagas talk with the Centre, which is an honorable solution will only be a hope in the larger interest of all. There are various points that has come out through press releases which is also important to note.

Nagas including civil societies has to take a larger role for icebreaking in a vibrant manner, as observed by citizens on the current situation of Nagaland. Whatever solutions comes out, it should be honorable for all. The truth is that the Government must do their homeworks with various parties here at Nagaland & beyond.