Closing program on ‘Artist Corner’ for Dimapur held today

Dimapur, December 9 (NE): The Closing Program of “Artist Corner” was held today on December nine, which is part for Hornbill Festival 2019 being graced by Kikrulhounyu Paphino, Art Executive, Department Of Art & Culture , Govt. of Nagaland who in his speech congratulated the Organizers and all the participants for a successful event. The ongoing event was held from 1st -10th Dec where it is being witnessed by many young talents to grow and learn from each other. A total number of 52 Participants participated for the Artist Corner.

Concept Note & Vote Of Thanks was presented by Lenti Aier, Founder & President of Act Of Kindness Society. In her sharing , she congratulated the team and all the like minded organisations for their cooperation. She also thanked Eastern Art Council for giving the opportunity to organise this event. Without everyone’s support the event would not have been successful, she added.

Artist Corner was first evolved by Department of Art & Culture, Govt.Of Nagaland. It is to bring together all Artists to nurture and promote young talents. Lenti shared that in the coming years one would see many more artists evolving and creating ripple effects through all the participants that took part in the current event, which is the aim of Act Of Kindness to bring change in the hearts of the people through small acts just as little drops of water creates an Ocean.

Pastor Imnatoshi ( DABA ) prayed for the closing & Adrian Mahung, Secretary Of Act Of Kindness Society was the chairman for the program.