Cleanliness drive ahead of Hornbill Music Festival at Agri Expo, Dimapur held today.

Dimapur, November 29 (NE): In keeping with the eco-friendly and sustainable theme during the Hornbill Festival, a cleanliness drive from 4th Mile junction to the Hornbill Music Festival venue at Agri Expo was initiated by members of the Diphupar Naga Youth Organisation (DNYO) today, November 29,2019.

After the cleanliness drive, President of DNYO Kikheto Sumi made an appeal to all residents of Diphupar to help visitors and tourists if they require any assistance. He also highlighted that the completion of road construction from Purana Bazaar to Chumukedina needs to be given utmost priority and completed at the earliest.

Team members from LiveNow Events also shared that while the culture of music festivals is important to the team, but so is the environmental impact of the festival. “In the midst of scheduling bands and setting up the main stage, we are also trying to practice environmental sustainability – reducing waste and environmental impact” they added.