Civil Societies Dimapur write to Chief Minister in view of Covid-19 pandemic

Dimapur, April 14 (NE): The Civil societies Dimapur through a memorandum collectively addressed the Honorable Chief Minister of Nagaland, in view of the COVID-19 pandemic, to highlight the following issues in the interest of public;

– The Restoration of commercial flights and trains would pose a serious threat and an invitation to spread the dreaded disease. The societies requested to restrict the movement of all modes of passenger trains, flights and Motors passing through Dimapur.

– The civil societies also requested setting up of COVID-19 testing laboratory in Dimapur at the earliest.

– Providing safety and protective equipments in sufficient quantity is of utmost necessity, as such, the societies requested to ensure sustainable and equitable supply of PPE for frontline workers.

-Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC) also requested to provide financial assistance and sufficient supply of disinfectant to the DMC.

This was stated in a Memorandum addressed to Chief Minister of Nagaland through the Deputy Commissioner’s office, by various civil societies of Dimapur on April 13, 2020