Civil Rights Forum demands justice in action in Peren District

Civil Rights Forum Peren demands justice in action in Peren District

Peren, July 09 (NEx): The present govt. and its administrative machinery particularly in Peren District civil administration is manifesting shortfall governance, as per the Civil Rights Forum Peren, Nagaland.

CRF in a press release on July eight, alleged that the whole ugly scenario of the district is the direct result of negligence and indifference of the Minister in-charge and his counterpart civil administration over the affairs of the people.

After long forbearing over the wilful indifference of the govt, in the context of Peren district, the Civil Rights Forum stated that it is urged to raise concern and apprise the govt. demanding due justice in action for prompt realization of justice and peace in the society. Since the eruption of COVID-19 pandemic in Nagaland, to this far, there has been occasions where the govt. failed to address the issue with honesty.

‘Justice is uncommon as common sense is uncommon which could be reasons to excuse or find a way out from the present fiasco of the current govt. of Nagaland. But that is not the answer or the solution the Govt. should make for the failings that have caused the present uprising in Peren district. Responsible govt, owns the responsibility of the society in good as well as in bad times’, CRF stated.

The trust of the people over the credibility of the govt is eroding quickly, evidently seen in the recent uprising of the public. The responsible govt. will not disown the responsibility but responsibly own and honestly work out justice in the fear of God and in the interest of the people. The forum said that no party feeling or inclination is touched or tempered here but is moved by a sense of fair deal justice and civic sense of rights as equal citizen of the land before the law.

Negligence and indifference attitude of the govt. towards the people of Peren District have been visibly seen and the public have been raising concerns and voices in the form of representations, news briefing, protest rally, paper release, Public agitations and ultimatum by CSOs. The CRF said that the govt. remains deaf and dumb to the grievances and cry of the citizens.

Citing instances like the blunder of sending the COVID-19 positive along with sixteen Negative Returnees to Peren, discharging of 96 vulnerable returnees to respective home quarantine without proper retest, CRF said, it resulted in the spread of the virus to the communities as some of the returnees later tested positive. The concern Minister in-charge for the district and the civil administration has failed their parts miserably, it added.

The CRF apprised the Govt. to immediately look into the matter with seriousness and remedy the failings by taking punitive action against the Minister in-charge and officer of the civil administration. Further failing to respond as expected, shall invite civil mass non-cooperation movement against the govt., it said.

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