Christmas Special: A report on Christmas Cake of Nagaland

Dimapur, December 20 (NE): Spreading love has began this season with the coming of Christmas, which is less than a week from now.

Believe it or not, wherever we may be, we get blessed by even a bite of the popularly known “Christmas Cake” in Nagaland. It is the time of year where one will find selling of cake in every shop. It is available in different variations including sizes, which was once cheap – now, one will never find that; yet the wallet has to be always filled to be able a purchase just to greet loved ones.

In few districts of Nagaland, Cake Race as well as Competition are held every year – even in 2019. It has become a fashion of sorts to distribute cakes wherever one go inorder to greet before the actual Christmas Day comes.

It is also seen that various offices both in the private & government sectors receives such cakes during working hours. Even in business shops, few owners provide cakes in giftpacks to their trusted staffs among others. It is also pertinent to note that Christmas Bonuses are received by employees as a token of appreciation in private-sectors at the state.

But one more thing is of the fact, due to advance technology today, Christmas Card system is totally missed from the market; Only gifting through this Christmas Cake has stayed due to various reasons. It is however, a matter of concern when with the help of Indian Government, Nagaland has been given immense opportunities in giving training (even currently), then how comes the cakes, of whatever names called, are very expensive especially when any important event, festivals and others take place. The price must be justified so as common citizens can buy them; Secondly, as food for thought, NagalandExpress, after examining the market wishes Christmas Cake to be given on real Christmas spirit for all.