Cherry blossoms of plastic plates around State Stadium, Dimapur

(Cherry blossoms of plastic plates around State Stadium, Dimapur)

Kohima, November 23 (NE): While many are busy sharing about Cherry blossoms with beautiful pictures, One witty post about the pink color plastic disposal plate littered around State Stadium, Dimapur has stood out in the social media on Friday, November 22, 2019, and is slowly catching the attention of netizens.

The witty post starts like this, ‘Cherry Blossoms suddenly blooming in Dimapur State Stadium this morning, (Friday, November 22, 2019). If these beautiful flowers are still lying there, I will be plogging here at 5:30 AM tomorrow (Saturday, November 23, 2019). To make it more hilarious, he further added, as I post this I realise I have to get up early morning tomorrow and be a more responsible citizen, shared on Friday, November 22, 2019.

(Cherry blossoms of plastic plates around State Stadium, Dimapur)

As he went Plogging to the State Stadium, Dimapur this morning, November 23, he found The Beautiful Cherry Blossoms of plastic plates still scattered on the grass, untouched.

Interesting twist of this whole story is that he went on Plogging all those disposal plastic plates and shared a picture of the same spot after clearing all the menace of the plastic waste around State Stadium Dimapur.

(Shared picture of same area after plogging around State Stadium, Dimapur)

Many stories like this goes unnoticed, as the whole world battle against the plastic waste, the golden lines of his post speaks a louder message today “Be a more responsible citizen”

He further packed all the plastic plate litter nicely in three bags and dropped at a waste disposal place at Duncan Main Road about 800 metres distance from the state stadium. He went on to say, ‘Happy with the outcome for the day’.

(Three bags of collected litter dropped at a waste disposal place at Duncan Main Road)

Many events are taking place every day in different parts of our state, it’s saddening to see some of the venue was left out in a mess after the events. Hope this story will be an eye opener, and the person in this story deserves round of applause for this outstanding effort towards a clean environment.

This is a story of Plogging by Imchatsung Imchen, a multidisciplinary artist, who also works closely with artists and brands to facilitate a valued storytelling.