CFMG; youths joining the NSCN groups on misinformation about employment

(CFMG Nagaland, Chairman, Retired Lieutenant General, Shokin Chauhan | Photo: Air Kohima)

Kohima, December 2 (NE): Chairman of the Ceasefire Monitoring Group (CFMG) Nagaland, Retired Lieutenant General, Shokin Chauhan has expressed concern over reports of massive recruitments taking place in the NSCN groups.

Stating that political negotiations between Government of India and Naga national groups were drawing to a close and solution to the long pending Naga political issue is due soon, the Chairman said the issue is a cause for concern.

Armed cadres of the groups need to be rehabilitated with jobs, he said, adding those who have been associated for a long time will get priority. Therefore recruiting new cadre into the groups at this juncture will be counterproductive.

Interacting with media persons at his office in Kohima, the CFMG Chairman said, while recruitments were not reported to be forcible, many youths were joining the NSCN groups on misinformation and misconception that they would get employment opportunities after solution comes.

“Do not recruit anymore because the children you are recruiting today will turn against you as the government will not be able to provide them a job post the solution,” he told the Naga groups.

Towards this, the CFMG chairman also urged parents, particularly in rural areas, not to be taken into the misconception and send their children to be recruited in the groups.