CBCMHK Combined Fathers’ Camp for Thurutsuswu & Khutsa Baptist Churches Enters Day 2

(Penalty shot out held marking three days “CBCMHK combined Father’s Camp”.)

Dimapur, September 14, (NE): The three days Combined Fathers’ Camp for Thurutsuswu & Khutsa Baptist Churches sponsored by the Chakhesang Baptist Church Ministers’ Hill, Kohima (CBCMHK) entered day 2 here at Thurutsuswu Baptist Church (TBC) under the theme, “Stand firm in the faith; Be Men of courage” (I Corinthians 16:3).

Meanwhile the day began with Devotional Talk service taken up by CBCMHK Associate Pastor Asune Swuro in the early morning hours.

An update from the camp Media Coordinator, Kuzhovesa Soho said, CBCMHK Pastor, Rev. Dr. Wepre Mero, dwelt on the topic, “Seek the Lord & Live” during the Gospel Worship Service-II.

Urging upon the fathers to focus on God as the priority in lives, he further urged the fathers to seek God in every their pursuance and be blessed in abundance.

CBCMHK Deacon Mayhu Sasu, shared on the topic, “Fathers role in parenting” during the Session-I service and urged the campers to be more serious being a father & pursue lives as a responsible father.

CBCMHK Sr. Pastor, Rev. Dr. Vevo Phesao, spoke on the topic, “Renewing of marital vows & relationship”. Stating holy matrimony is the goodwill of God & urged the campers to strictly abide by the marital vows & maintain healthy relationship between husband & wife. Anything that embarrassed the cordial process of marital vows are totally against the wishes & will of God & abstain themselves from acquiring salvation. Marriage is the holy proceedings and to be uphold in later & spirit stated Phesao & urged the campers to retrospect themselves that bounds them during their matrimony and lives a pleasant and holy marital lives. Strongly appeal the fathers to led a live like captains & coaches and not kingship style of father, he further urged them to considered family as number one office and most priority in lives.

Out of 144 campers were grouped into 3 groups viz; Daniel, Jeremiah & Joshua.

The day also witnessed recreational time by engaging the 3 different groups alongwith Kohima Official team competing in penalty shoot out.

The following were the results of the day competition.


1st- Kohima Team

2nd- Jeremiah

Earlier, CBCMHK Associate Pastor Thujoneyi Veswuh, dwelt on the topic, “As for me and my family we will serve the Lord” during the Gospel Worship-III Service.