Can Nagaland music go international through a tag like Hornbill?

Our Bureau:

Dimapur, November 8 (NE): The Nagaland Government are doing a Hercules job for welfare of the people in many stratas that will create space and global citizens to come as tourists through various innovative programs like the Hornbill Festival for past many decades now.

The Hornbill Festival itself is in a level that has been regarded as a biggest festival in India. None the less, this festival is here to stay.

Coming back to the music scenario to become a real industry – is still doubtful, if still planning to seek a support of a much popular event regarded as Festival of Festivals.

There are cries in social media including other platforms for the music industry that it should be in reality; but not in the expense of another festival in the state. Nagaland celebrates festivals of every tribe- that is why, the Government came up with a very idea to collaborate every tribe in one festival making the biggest atleast in North East India if not for the whole of India in general.

The public commented that as Nagas are gifted with talents – the music too is in their bloodline since childhood. Likewise, the general public felt that the time for people has come to celebrate the music alone and not with any other festivals in support system, rather should make way as a common platform by the concerned Government in keeping time to mark the music to a grand level, which is also sustainable by every musician.

It is pertinent to note that the analysis has been made after meeting various personals relating to the good of music for the state of Nagaland and not targeted to any particular including the Government.