Can ‘A Better Dimapur’ be emulated in other districts as a role model?

(A Better Dimapur volunteers during cleaning drive on February 4, 2020)

Dimapur, February 16 (NE): With a vision to keep the city clean, initiated by Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC), under the aegis “A Better Dimapur” (ABD) since 2017, must be an eye opener for other districts of Nagaland to follow suit as felt by many when the city itself is smart with cleanliness drive which will lead the city to grow even upto national level.

According to a survey by NagalandExpress since last year, it is found that through the active public volunteerism, the city has come up as a clean city whenever the said team joins together; hence, judiciously arranged by engaging right team like how ABD is doing is laudable – even though lots of negative comments are said against them through various platforms.

NagalandExpress has also been interacting with the said team since last year, which found that it is now high time to initiate a joint strategy with other like minded groups, including Swachh Bharat, among others. It will greatly help succeed in the endeavor.

Nagaland, for that matter, has got enough local people who is educated and has a wide knowledge – why not utilize them in the right track. It is also understood how big metro cities like Bangalore, among others are in Number One spot, on cleanliness. It is said that ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’.

Therefore, it’s high time to let the concern honchos be it the capital city of Nagaland State or other districts to wake up from their respective sleep – before its too late, when Nagaland will be found in the last list, even when enough funds are poured in.

A smart city can only be developed when even a small team, with one ideology are created. This way, Nagaland shall always remain in hotspot, either in tourism or for other things, just to live in.

Meanwhile, a press release said that The Kohima Smart City Development Ltd (KSCDL) has stated citizens participation in the Ease of Living Index Survey which is very encouraging. Briefing media persons on February Fourteen, Chief Executive Officern of KSCDL, Shri Kovi Meyase said Kohima City achieved the percent mark population participation set by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs to participate in the online survey on 8th of this month while one thousand 370 people participated till yesterday.

He informed that KSCDL in collaboration with Green Team Kohima has organized Awareness Programmes in 8 Colleges, reached out to all 19 Wards and taking the survey to the streets covering Street Vendors, Daily Wage Labourers, Shopkeepers and Senior Citizens.