C. Elina Sangtam Wins Miss Queen of Nations, Beauty Pageant

C. Elina Sangtam from Nagaland Wins Miss Queen of Nations, Beauty Pageant
(C. Elina Sangtam, Winner of Miss Queen of Nations, Beauty Pageant)

Kohima, September 22 (NEx): C. Elina Sangtam from Nagaland was declared the first winner of Miss Queen of Nations, a beauty pageant for winners of all the winners of various pageants held across India.

Miss Queen of Nations is an initiative of Naaz Joshi who has won accolades globally thus winning thrice ‘Miss World Diversity’. This beauty pageant was a first of its kind which was held on a digital platform. Miss Queen of Nations, an inaugural beauty pageant saw a participation of 60 contestants across India.

The contestants were observed for a year on the work to be done on various social issues. These social issues included Girl Child, Beti Bachao Beti Padao, Menstrual Hygiene, Dowry, Education, Transgender and others. The contestants represented the diversity & inclusion that our country stands for.

C. Elina Started participating in Beauty Pageants in the year 2016 in State Level Contest ‘Nagaland Princess’ (2016) winning the 2nd Runner up Nagaland Princess title along with winning The Photogenic Princess and Miss Congeniality titles at the same. She was crowned as Miss Fresher’s during her first year at Zisaji Presidency College, Nagaland. She entered into National Level Contest in the year 2019 by representing her state Nagaland by winning MIHM Miss Queen Universe Nagaland and went on to Win the MIHM Miss Queen Universe International 2019.

The participants were judged on the basis of three rounds. These were Intro video, a charity raising activity and final round on Q&As. Elina created awareness on transgender & Women Empowerment of North-East Women. She worked with an NGO “Prince’s Charity Organization” for raising money for Transgender. She & her team also organized small beauty pageant online where participants were awarded.

Another work that can be highlighted was using social media; she educated people on women empowerment of North-East Women. In the Q&As round she was asked ‘What would you like to do to empower women in North East? What would you like to do to bring world peace? What’s the importance of digital pageants?’

Elina won on her confidence, style and her positive energy. Her response on the importance of digital pageants was “It is the need of the hour. In this pandemic such beauty pageant is giving a novel platform to people like us. It is providing opportunities for girls from remote areas who can’t travel to the metros or parents are scared to send them in such times. It would require more beauty pageants to be held on digital format which would help more girls like us.”