Breaking News: Shri Temjen Imna Along position number Two in Nagaland political arena: Sources

(Nagaland BJP President, Shri Temjen Imna Along)

Dimapur, January 24 (NE): Shri Temjen Imna Along who has been given a big ticket to be the President for Nagaland BJP second time in a row – has undoubtedly been positioned as number Two in Nagaland political scenario as far as ruling system is concern; this is revealed by few insiders of BJP after closely examining the situation.

Revealing out few facts on politics to NagalandExpress, it is said that perhaps BJP running in the centre with vast majority and doing very well in entire North East India as compared to other regions – Shri Temjen can be a kingmaker to even hold regional political parties in a great way. The official shared that, “by age, he is very young, but he is dynamically great that no politicians can ever do, infact in entire North East India so far”. This shows that there is nothing by one’s age, but of calibre, opined a senior citizen.

Few are of the view that he can be called as Number One in current position; but to make things interesting, he is only regarded to be the next, observed another source. According to reports, there could be rivals of shorts to rule the party, but has rubbished the claim saying it is common to other parties too.

Few political observers believe that Nagaland can be changed with the right candidate leading from the front – real development will take place then. With the current Number Two position, many believe that besides bringing projects from New Delhi, Nagaland will also see more changes taking place in grassroot, which is important, it observed.

However, they were tight lip on who would be the following numbers including the hotspot of being in No.1.

BJP is gaining ground and making inroads in Nagaland under the leadership of Shri Temjen Imna Along. During his first presidential tenure, the number of BJP membership from Nagaland state has almost trippled to 3. 29 lakh, earlier Nagaland BJP has 1.18 lakh members till July 6, 2019.

With 27% of the total Nagaland voters taking the BJP party membership, that is out of 11,83,000 plus registered voters in Nagaland, a total of 3,29,358 voters have already enrolled for the world’s largest political party, BJYM state president informed on October 9, 2019. The count would have increased by now as it is a three month old statistics.

Perhaps this data shows the focus of the President who is leading from the front and working hard for the party as a whole. And BJP is the fastest growing political party in Nagaland at present.