Breaking News: Pilferage of oil continues for Nagaland’s petrol station from Assam: A report

Dimapur, February 6 (NE): NagalandExpress (NE) has covered a short video highlighting about a fire break out in an oil tanker, near Dimapur, Lahorizan: Khatkati under Karbi Anglong: Assam on February Four. It turned out to be a case of pilfering oil particularly meant for Nagaland and Manipur states, according to a report from Assam.

As per the report, in the aftermath of the Tuesday fire that burnt a series of fuel tankers in a parking lot, panic has gripped the residents of the Khatkhati area where a dozen such parking lot operates and pilfering of fuel from tankers happens on a regular basis. At least five tankers were burnt on Tuesday by a devastating fire that reportedly sparked off from an electric motor used to pump out fuel from the tankers that were parked.

According to the primary investigation, it appeared to be a clear handiwork of some fuel theft racket involved in round the clock concoction, mixing a range of highly inflammable chemical solvent with petrol under the very nose of the government authorities and the district policing machinery. It needs to be mentioned here that the recent episode of tanker inferno is the fifth instance of fire engulfing fuel tanker in the past few years.

Reports also highlighted the fact that these syndicates of the organized gang are responsible for supplying contaminated fuel to various fuel stations in Nagaland and Manipur. Earlier, these syndicates had their base at Dimapur, Nagaland but after a recent crackdown by Nagaland police, they have booted out of Nagaland and conveniently shifted their base to Khatkhati which is near Dimapur.

“The kingpins of Nagaland fuel adulteration are part of this syndicate. They include PDS kerosene dealers and several fuel station owners of Nagaland. The same gang was involved in the earlier episodes of fire in Khatkhati but no action has been initiated against them till date. They shall manage to give a slip this time as well,” said a local who is well versed with the illegal trade.

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