‘BJP remaining oblivious to the death and sufferings happening all around’- NPCC

'BJP remaining oblivious to the death and sufferings happening all around'- NPCC

Kohima, May 14 (NEx): The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee condemned the manner in which BJP Nagaland office bearers came together in times of pandemic lockdown to address a press conference on Thursday, May 13th, 2021, at Kohima, flouting safety rules just to parrot the contents of their National President JP Nadda’s response letter to Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

NPCC in a press rejoinder on Friday, stated that, Rahul Gandhi had warned the govt way back on February 12, 2020 about the pandemic which the BJP govt simply laughed off. He has been proven right on pandemic, migrant crisis, economic devastation, vaccine rollout policy and the deadly second wave. The BJP govt had even declared ‘Corona endgame’ in March 2021 and congratulated PM Modi for defeating corona.

Moreover, the govt had foolishly exported 6.60 crores of vaccine doses to more than 60 countries and even proudly declared in UN assembly that “India gave more Covid vaccine to the world than own people,” all this, in order to boost the personal image of Modi. The truth about devastation happening across the country is unfolding before our very own eyes and this cannot be simply brushed off to suit BJPs narrative, it said.

As part of PDA govt, BJP Nagaland cannot absolve itself from the pitiable condition of our infrastructures and near total breakdown of state govt machinery in dealing with shortage of vaccine, hospital beds, rising number of Covid cases and deaths across the state, the congress added.

It also reminded the BJP Nagaland office bearers that it is futile to keep parroting the contents of their Delhi leaders while remaining oblivious to the death and sufferings happening all around and dared the state BJP leaders to try explaining the positivity of Modi govt to those suffering, sick, dying or burying their loved ones.

The NPCC reiterated that JP Nadda’s response letter is to be treated with the contempt it deserves from all right-thinking people.