BJP Nagaland repudiates allegations by Pankaj Gupta

Kohima, June 01 (NE): The Bharatiya Janata Party, Nagaland State Unit expressed shock over the baseless allegations levelled by one self-styled crusader in the person of one Pankaj Gupta, claiming himself to be a doctor who has supposedly worked for the American and Italian Governments.

The party stated that such baseless allegations during this pandemic crisis are uncalled for and irresponsible on the part of the accuser who is obviously not in touch or in sync with the ground realities.

Dr. Pankaj Gupta, claiming to be a person born and brought up from Nagaland, released a video on May 30, 2020-‘Nagaland Govt. COVID-19 Scam’, accusing the govt of mishandling the returnees and also to spread the COVID-19 virus in all corners of the state to get more fundsfunds. The video had gone viral and earned views of over 2.5k in just 2 days time.

Stating the reason for their response for such baseless allegations as this, the party said that the accuser has exhibited an agenda to spark off public unrest with ill-intended assumptions and presumptions and hence, the issue needs to be set straight.

The BJP Nagaland State Unit outrightly takes total exception to the accusation that the Hon’ble Chief Minister and the State Government conspired to send Coronavirus to all the interior places of the State in order to avail fund from the Government of India, and calls it unseen, unheard of, and totally alien to the Naga culture and way of life. It also clarified that We as Nagas cannot allow any harm to befall our own people neither do we wish that anyone else be harmed by this virus.

The BJP repudiated the accuser’s allegations of the Nagaland Government playing with the lives of the people to get more fund from the Government of India, and said that it is an insult to the Naga people as a whole and to each and every frontline worker, NGO, CSO, State Government machinery, etc which are involved in the fight against this pandemic.

The BJP also stated that the Government has been working only with one single agenda – to do everything within its capacity to mitigate the problems caused by the pandemic and to safeguard the lives and health of our people.

Questioning the crusader, the party said Who in their right sense would barter the lives of their own people to COVID-19 for the sake of money? When and where did the Government come up with such a discussion or a plan? Who can even think of this? Only minds with ill intentions like the accuser are capable of such plans, it accused.

Meanwhile, the BJP informed that the Hon’ble Chief Minister had through a video message on May 29, 2020 expressed regret over any lapses and appealed to the people to bear with the Government and also, said that the State Government had set up a 3-Member Judicial Inquiry Committee on the same day, to probe the matter regarding transportation of the stranded returnees back to Tuensang without waiting for their test results. The Committee has been tasked to submit its report within 15 days.

Responding to the allegations for the management of finances, the BJP unit of Nagaland informed that details are available on the Government portals and the Departments concerned have been clarifying from time to time.

The party also called it affront not only to our way of life but to our faith (Christianity) and to us as Christians for asking the Nagas (Christians) to go to Church and confess.

As for the War Room on COVID-19, the party said that it is well secured and set up and all necessary activities are being carried from this centre to the extent possible. There have been many cases whereby applicants have applied for financial aid but the same could not be disbursed to them due to faulty and/or incorrect details, and the State Government has been looking into the matter. To sift through the details of thousands of persons is not an easy task, it added.

The BJP Nagaland State Unit also questioned, the authority of the accuser to claim that the BJP will break ties with the PDA Government and the Hon’ble Chief Minister. The party said that this assertion of the accuser has been taken seriously and challenged the accuser to prove his claims, if there is any truth or credibility to it.

Regarding the challenge for an online debate, the BJP unit said Government authorities are not scared to debate but the issue is about the credibility of the accuser himself and whether it is worth the time and energy of the State Government to debate or should the State Government continue to focus its manpower, time and resources on the fight against the pandemic, now that it has reached our State?