BJP Mon District Executive Meeting Held

BJP Mon District Executive Meeting Held

Kohima, April 26 (NEx): BJP Mon District executive meeting was held on April 24th, 2021 at Mon District BJP Bhavan, Chingai ward Mon Town.

In his speech, Nagaland state spokesperson & co-convenor Mon District, Samuel Sumi, said BJP congratulated Shri. Nyawang, President BJP Mon District and all the leaders of various organisational network of the party for standing steadfast with the party leadership and all BJP Nagaland legislators through thick and thin proving to have impressive sense of public responsibilities.

Sumi said, Konyak Naga brethrens, the biggest community among Naga tribes are brilliant and intelligent upto the extend of inventing their own indigenous guns since Britishers set foot in Naga soil. It’s also remarkable to reckon that among forest produce Mon District is blessed with the best quality wood species both for commercial and domestic purposes and the high Coal deposits makes the district a rich place to own. Outspoken and Boldness are also some aspects that makes the community of Anghs noteworthy. Under this circumstances, the BJP Mon leaders along with thousands of affiliated members are urged to display great statesmanship worthy of the land and bring forth more good public leaders.

He also mentioned that under the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s commitment to the poor, Government of India has decided to provide free food-grains to 80 crore beneficiaries in the May and June, on the same pattern of 5Kgs free foodgrains as last year’s PM Garib Kalyan Yojana which is all about nutritional support when the country is facing the second wave of corona virus.

Sumi assured that BJP Nagaland is growing stronger and more united with the passage of time under the leadership of Shri. Y. Patton Dy. CM and BJP leader, who is one of the political stalwarts in Nagaland and an undisputed public leader, whose years of political experience is an asset to the party and Shri.Temjen Imna Along Hon’ble Minister and President BJP Nagaland, who is a youth icon with multi tasking talents and with a huge uncompromising passion to Serve the People.

He urged the party karyakartas to set aside all differences and work unitedly for a prosperous and well developed Nagaland.