Kaito Aye seeks farmers’ cooperation to combat fall armyworm

Aye seeks farmers’ cooperation to combat fall armyworm
Minister of Agriculture and Cooperation, G Kaito Aye

Nagaland agriculture minister G. Kaito Aye on Monday appealed to the state’s farming community to cooperate with officers of agriculture department in making a concerted effort to contain a massive outbreak of fall army worm in the state.

In a statement issued on Monday, the minister said that the government is making concerted efforts— employing technology and timely, effective and innovative measures—to ensure minimum damage. “But, above all, there is a need for being aware and alert, both on the part of government agencies and the agricultural community of our state,” Aye said.

Kaito also appealed to the farmers to cooperate with all other agricultural agencies and units.

He said he had personally conducted meetings with the officials of the department and asked it to keep him updated on the course of action being undertaken.

He said the agriculture department and other government agencies have been conducting regular training camps for creating awareness among farmers and also conducting field inspections to identify the areas of infestation.

Kaito called upon the farmers to take advantage of technical camps being organised for their benefit and employ scientific methods to battle the invasion of the fall army worm pest.

He stressed that it is vital for the farmers to regularly scout the fields and plantations and immediately report any signs of pest infestation and crop damage to the nearest department officials.

The minister assured the agricultural community that the government will leave no stone unturned in combating and containing the outbreak of the pest in the state.

A fall army worm outbreak can cause drastic damage to crop and can reduce yields. Mizoram and Manipur have largely been affected by the invasion of the deadly pest, he added.