Avoid road between ITC to Mahabalipuram in Chennai today: Few North East Indian citizens being harassed due to VVIP visits in Tamil Nadu

Dimapur, October 12, (NE): According to an information coming in from Chennai; Tamil Nadu, few North East Indian citizens are being harassed and detained due to similarity features with Tibetan as Prime Minister of India is having a meeting with China’s President for various official talks.

In a bad news, particularly for North East India, the officials looking after the VVIP visit have made it an ugly turn for few North East Indians, just due to Mongolian looks. It has broughtout the most debated issue again that an organization, which works for betterment of North East India from Chennai has issued a precautionary statement to avoid the following VVIP routes today:

a. From ITC to Mahabalipuram (8 am)

b. From Mahabalipuram to ITC (12 pm)

c. From ITC to Airport (2 pm)

(Tibetan groups were detained in Chennai for protest against Chinese President)

It’s reported that Tibetan groups were detained in Chennai for protest against Chinese President. The activists and students were picked up by the Tamil Nadu police at the Chennai airport and the ITC Grand Chola where Xi Jinping were scheduled to stay.

Perhaps, that reasons could have made the Chennai officials to take the drastic steps of detaining the Indian citizens from North East to avoid untoward incidents during such VVIP visit in the state for the country, the sources said.