Auto drivers protest in Dimapur

Auto drivers protest in Dimapur

Dimapur, June 18: Tension within Dimapur District Auto Drivers Union (DDADU) has been simmering for couple of weeks where executive members have formed two groups hurdling allegations against each other.

According to sources, a group led by DDADU vice president, Tito Yeptho and others have accused DDADU president, I Vitoshe Sema and others of misappropriation of funds.

Tito Yeptho along with 4 of the office bearers including General Secretary was terminated by the present President of DDADU.

According to the union members, DDADU had availed INR 4,40,800 on June 9, 2017 after mortgaging a land patta bearing No. 27, which was entrusted to the president for purchasing an ambulance.

However in 2018, Sema sold the ambulance before the loan could be recovered without the knowledge of the union executives, it was alleged.

The members have demanded the recovery of the ambulance along with an audit report, which they alleged has been kept on hold for the last three years. The protesting drivers alleged that for the past three years, the president has not presented an audit report, whereas a sum of INR 10 has been collected from every autorickshaw driver daily for the welfare of the union.

The union has also asked to revoke the termination and suspension order of five DDADU members allegedly suspended without proper evidence. The five DDADU members alleged that they were falsely implicated.

They submitted a representation to the Dimapur assistant labour commissioner demanding an order to stop all forms of collection in the name of DDADU. Copies of the same were also submitted to the deputy commissioner and the commissioner of police.