Anti corruption as a crusader: S Richard Humtsoe

(All India Anti Corruption Organization, Chairman, Shri S Richard Humtsoe)

Dimapur, March 1 (NE): Yes, corruption in Nagaland has become very high for various reasons, that’s why citizens have to come forward to start something from somewhere. One will see, through a long time social activists like Shri S Richard Humtsoe.

As per Shri S Richard Humtsoe who has been working for people through various social and community welfare works of many decades – one will come to know, how urgent a people’s movement is becoming important. He is also actively involved and associated with many voluntary organizations working for National integrity and communal harmony for many decades here at Nagaland & beyond.

Richard had also worked with Government of India for the State of Nagaland as vigilance official to oversee and monitor on various National Flagship Programs in the State of Nagaland. He can be called as a perfect crusader. With supports from other organizations – he brings an anti – corruption movement to Nagaland for fighting against corruption which is called: All India Anti Corruption Organization.
He is currently the chairman of the organization and one can contact him for further informations on the number below: 9366756744/8787396929, Email:,
Office: 6th Mile Highway attached, Dimapur.

Nagaland needs more people to create a true democracy that will check and vigil the public of their rights; it is moreover, not just the Government that can do. But, with vast active support from the citizens one will create wonders for a peaceful and liveable society in today’s world. To err is human – officials too are human. Perhaps, that’s a reason more anti- corruption crusaders has to be born particularly here at Nagaland.