ANPSA appeals for recommence of classes 1- 8 in Dimapur outside Containment Zone

ANPSA appeals for recommence of classes 1- 8 in Dimapur outside Containment Zone

Dimapur, April 22 (NEx): The All Nagaland Private Schools’ Association (ANPSA) Dimapur Unit, appealed the State government for recommence of classes 1- 8 in Dimapur district outside the containment zone, and by the least allow alternate classes instead of complete closure.

ANPSA, Dimapur Unit President, Dr. Andrew Ahoto Sema in an official letter addressed to the Chief Secretary of Nagaland, said, ‘as per SOP guidelines issued by Education Department dated December 28, 2020 mentioned in the notification by Assam Government dated April 17, 2021, where districts with less than 100 COVID-19 cases are permitted to carry out normal classes.

In such scenarios of excess COVID-19 cases, it would be more reasonable to close that specific affected area as containment zone rather than closing all Schools in the district, it stated.

ANPSA President stated that ‘All Private Schools follow strict discipline as well as sincerely adhere to SOP guidelines, in the light of which in place of total closure, a systematic odd and even number format of classes should be implemented with minimized class timings of 3 hours (9 :00 Am till 12:00 noon)’.

‘Private schools in Nagaland are the second largest organisation creating employment next to the Nagaland Government. Closing down the schools would adversely affect the livelihood of countless employees’, it added.

The complete closure of classes hinders the educational and learning process of students. Students are losing the true essence of studying as such it has affected their academic performances as well as their determination to learn, it stated.

The closure of normal classes calls for online classes which cannot be carried out without smartphones in the least and it is no secret that not all have the luxury to keep hold of smartphones and internet services, especially for a household with more than 3 or 4 children in schools, ANPSA said.

There is also the problem of weak internet service, though Dimapur city may enjoy the service of internet yet we cannot ignore the fact that in many local areas and outskirts of Dimapur city internet is not highly functional or accessible.

The effects of the previous lockdown still bears its consequences on many educational institutions as such another shutdown of institutions would gravely effect the mentioned.

Along with the mentioned issues arising from the closure of Schools, ANPSA Dimapur also stated that there should be a consultation beforehand taken by calling upon and deliberating with all stakeholders rather than abruptly giving notice of such kind.

The concerned authority should also come up with the same yardstick for all the departments, organisations, societies and schools instead of making the Educational institutions the soft target in such dire situations, it said.