ANCSU submits representation to the Vice Chancellor of NU

ANCSU submits representation to the Vice Chancellor of NU

Kohima, October 02 (NEx): The All Nagaland College Students Union (ANCSU) on October 01, 2020, submitted a representation to the Vice Chancellor of Nagaland University regarding the following issues for consideration and necessary action to be taken up on priority:

More colleges offering post graduate courses:

The ANCSU apprised the VC of Nagaland University on the urgent need for more colleges offering post graduate courses and appealed the NU to promptly assess those eligible colleges who have applied to offer post graduate courses and approve the same for the forthcoming academic session. The Union said that this will enable the aspiring students to study master courses from the state itself, and shall also effectively facilitate the underlying problems arising from the global pandemic.

Proposal for ‘Facilitation Centre’ at NU, Meriema campus & SETM, Dimapur campus:

The Union appealed that a Facilitation Centre be opened at NU Meriema campus & NU, SETM Dimapur campus respectively, to facilitate submission and receiving files & necessary documents. It also suggested for online payment provision to the university by colleges or transactions to be made through the facilitation centre.

Appointment of assistant/associate professors and salary:

The Union further appealed the University to be vigilant in appointment of asst/asso. Professors by both private and govt colleges to strictly adhere to UGC guidelines with requisite qualifications. Also, the Union urged the university to be vigilant in regard to payment of salaries by institutions to the faculties as per UGC guidelines.

Issuing of meritorious certificate and medal:

The Union also appealed the university to issue meritorious certificate and medal to subject toppers annually along with issuance of marksheet /convocation as it encourages the students.

Pass certificate and migration certificate:

ANCSU appealed the university for timely release of necessary documents to set conveniences for admissions in other institutions outside the state, citing the example in the past when many of the students have faced untold hardships in acquiring their original pass certificate and migration certificate.