ANCSU stages dharna in Kohima

ANCSU stages dharna in Kohima

Kohima, May 31: The All Nagaland College Students’ Union (ANCSU) today staged a peaceful dharna outside the Directorate of Technical Education here.

Hundreds of students from various colleges in Kohima joined the peaceful ANCSU protest reiterating its demand for resignation of Director. They also placed a banner which read “Give us the answer”.

The agitation was staged following the expiry of ANCSU ultimatum served to Director Technical Education to resign within 5 days on issues of scholarship misappropriation.

Talking to media persons, ANCSU president, Katho P Awomi reiterated that it will not back off until the director technical education Arjun Singh resigns or reveal the names of the “corrupted officials” involved in the scholarship scam.

Awomi said the culprits should be punished and warned that unless the government give positive response to the union’s demand the situation would go worst.

It may be recalled that ANCSU demanded the resignation of the Director of Technical Education alleging that the latter has “failed to uphold and protect the welfare of the students’ community”.

ANCSU stated that that there has been “misappropriation of scholarship funds by the department,” and added that the director’s office has not responded to queries made by the union on this matter.

“As per the replies from your office, it is being ascertained by the union that you are accountable for the misappropriation and the union is convinced that your continuance as the Director of Technical Education is nothing less than a threat to the welfare of the Naga students’ community,”

The ANCSU stated, The Union demanded that the official “resign on moral grounds” within five days, adding that failure to do so would make him “responsible for any untoward incident that may occur thereafter”.