ANCSU lodged complaint against ESSAR Petrol Pump at Dimapur

Dimapur, July 12: ANCSU has lodged a complaint against the ESSAR Petrol pump situated at Walford Service station Dimapur on Friday (July 12).

ANCSU President Katho P Awomi stated in the complaint that ANCSU purposefully went to the ESSAR Petrol pump to check the quality of the POL that has been sold to the consumer on 9th July 2019. They found vast difference on the density of the POL, and collected the sample of the POL with the signature of the retailer.

On my way to East police station to lodge a complaint against Petrol pump for proper investigation, I met the member of the Petroleum Dealers Association Dimapur, werein I was requested by them in the presence of Assistant Commissioner of Police, Dimapur not to lodge any complaint against the aforesaid Petrol pump as the association also assured to be vigilant so that no doubtful quality shall be sold to consumers. So I decided not to lodge the complaint, said the ANCSU President.

Now, I reliably learn that Petroleum Dealers Association Dimapur has lodged complaint against ANCSU with some baseless allegations, which is not only made me surprised but also caused pain for such indecent action of Petroleum Dealers Association Dimapur, ANCSU President Katho P Awomi stated in the complaint.

Earlier, Petroleum Dealers Association Dimapur had lodged complaint against ANCSU on 11th July, 2019. In their complaint, they stated that ANCSU President and his colleague inspected ESSAR Petrol pump at Walford service station, Dimapur and found the quality of the fuel was not satisfactory, but instead of informing the competent authority, they have taken law into their own hand by shutting down the said ESSAR outlet which is against the office of the association.

Petroleum Dealers Association also given 2 days ultimatum to the authority to look into this matter and deliver wise judgment, failing to this association would be compelled to shut down all the outlet till the matter is resolved.