ANCSU condemns DCCI resolution on fund raising and checking on business establishments.

ANCSU condemns DCCI resolution on fund raising and checking on business establishments

The All Nagaland College Students’ Union (ANCSU) today condemned the June 22 resolution affirmed by the Dimapur Chamber of Commerce and Industries (DCCI), in particular reference to raising of funds and checking on illegal sale of expired goods and tampered MRP.’

A press release from the ANCSU Finance Secretary, Inato Y Chisho and Education Secretary, Kruto Tetseo stated that the DCCI’s resolution was “misleading and deserves to be condemned in the highest grade.”

“The DCCI holds no authority to dictate the manner in which the student bodies would sustain its visionary activities. The DCCI cannot harass and boast over the innocent student unions just because they are financially stable. The union reminds the DCCI that it will come down heavily on those business establishments who may harass the student community by words or action on any occasion,” read the statement.

On DCCI banning ‘individuals and organisations’ from raiding stores/shops for expired goods and MRP rates, it wondered if the DCCI was openly declaring that traders will continue to sell expired goods and tamper with MRP. The union maintained that it would continue to check on ‘illegal sale of expired goods and tampered MRP.’

According to the union, “outsiders” have occupied “90% of the total economy” in Dimapur. The “outsiders” having benefited much from Dimapur market should contribute towards the citizens “in any form when solicited for,” it claimed.

“In the wake of these outsiders creating a monopoly in the market and posing future social and economic threat to the Nagas, will DCCI be able to own the consequences?” it asked.

The union further stated that it would retaliate against “ill forces that beseem to shatter the peaceful coexistence of the Naga society.”