Akumsen Lemtur- 7 year old from Mokokchung stuns the crowd with her yodeling voice

NagalandExpress Exclusive.

Dimapur, October 26, (NE): Akumsen Lemtur- 7 year old, Grade -1 student at Eden Academy, Mokokchung, stuns the crowd with her yodeling voice.

Akumsen Lemtur born on July 31, 2012 from Mokokchung is of Kelingmen village presently, only daughter of Lanuwapang Lemtur and Lendimenla Alinger from Changki Village. She started singing ever since she was 4 years old.

Akumsen started vocal training this year from “Class of Music” at Sangtemla ward, Mokokchung and Mrs. Aien is her trainer.
Asked about their role in Akumsen’s upbringing, the mother replied:
“As parents, we always try to guide her in an appropriate direction. We motivate and encourage her to nurture her talent, but, we never force any decisions upon her. We only want her to be God fearing and hard working in all her endeavors.

Eden Academy in Mokokchung nurtures and moulds her by giving all round development and gives the students the opportunity to showcase their talent by hosting different kinds of events. The teachers are also very supportive”.

She is scheduled to perform at COUNTRY NITE 3 on November 5, at Just A Venue Mokokchung. Also, she will be performing at two promotional concerts of Class of Music on December 2019.

Akumsen got lots of appreciations, prizes and awards for singing in competitions in school, Sunday school, etc. Recently she also sang in weddings, Aoli Lemtur Conference and other invitations.

Mentioning about her video that went viral, her mother says: People were amazed by her voice and talent. They got thrilled and surprised at her singing. She got lots of love, encouragement and blessings.
Akumsen wants to be either a singer or a doctor in the future. Wishing her all the best for her future from NagalandExpress.