After Hornbill Festival – welcome to Nagaland’s various Night Carnivals

Our Bureau:

Dimapur/Mokokchung, December 14 (NE): One may be thinking the Father of Festivals – Hornbill Festival is gone; yet, let’s prove it wrong. One can travel to any length/breadth of Nagaland – and welcome a new world, in the aspect of Night Carnivals one can find once it becomes dark. Currently, according to official information recieved here, night carnivals are happening in many districts of Nagaland – Dimapur, Peren, Mokokchung, Kiphire and Longleng.

The Hornbill Festival was for last ten days, which started off on December 1, Where as, the Night carnival will be till the Christmas time. In few districts like Dimapur, it will be there even till the New Year as well. It has been initiated for past more than a decade in Nagaland with good response – due to various reasons.

Therefore, one may not lost their moral or hope, if it is about entertainment. Many have been a source of livelihood and inspiration to perform well as entrepreneurs in the making, for others, its totally entertainment.

The Night Carnival has given a different dimension for a state like Nagaland, both as positive and negative. The positive side is better. Nagaland, which has totally no entertainment zone in any level – with such Carnivals, it will, and must only benefit the local young energetic entrepreneurs to benefit more – albeit with negatives that is followed to them. Nagaland Government in the first step, must come up with an entertainment project, that will include other key rules – paving the way for people to involve in this sector – more openly with better creative ideas.

Lacking the above points has made the Carnivals show a negative image – for the fact, due to alcohols sold in the name of local brew in most of the stalls, that family members attending have to avoid going to the stalls.

“I want to bring my family, but most of the stalls are made for couples or friends to hangout with alcoholic drinks. I cannot bring my family here,” said a father of two, who was seen visiting the stalls, trying to purchase eatables including others for the family members with kids.

Therefore, once a suitable system by concern Department under Nagaland Government can look upon this area, then lots of genuine Nagas can build a market in a year round basis, which will attract both domestic including foreign tourists as a whole.

Not forgetting that concern Department like Tourism can claim suitable taxes on every day/monthly basis as a revenue from the entrepreneurs. Thus, the Government of Nagaland will benefit out of it too. Later, the Government can say that with those type of levies, the Government could invest in few other developmental projects for people of Nagaland in return.

A government official on this idea added, “It’s a really good one, if implemented, sooner the better by the Government.”
That’s not all, the concern communities will be benefited too. Every stakeholders involved also will be profited in a chain. It’s a business after all. Nagaland through such activities will go a long way provided things be carried in systematic order. Otherwise, both the public including entrepreneurs will be wasting time. A business for just ten days, will never go to earn – what is being spent; On the other hand, the people who are coming to visit Night stalls will never get right entertainment – because the program is being set-up for fixed and limited time. Thus, its becoming important so as the citizens are not taken for a ride.

Many have the same opinion with a hope that time will come for the Government to look into it, according to various social activists, who are concern for a better and developed Nagaland.