Advisor Mhathung Yanthan launches the up-gradation of Sanis – Lakhuti roads

Advisor Mhathung Yanthan launches the up-gradation of Sanis - Lakhuti roads

Kohima, October 01 (NEx): Advisor, Horticulture & Border, Mhathung Yanthan launched the up-gradation of existing fair weather road of Sanis to Lakhuti to all weather roads to change the dynamics of the socio-economic sphere of his Assembly constituency, on September 29, 2020 at Sanis Village Community hall.

Yanthan while thanking the Government of Nagaland for inclusion of this particular road under PMGSY-II 2019-20, stated that it is a fulfilment of a long cherished dream of the public of the area to come under PMGSY which is a people’s programme, the government of India is endeavouring to set high and uniform technical and management standards and facilitating policy development and planning at State level in order to ensure sustainable management of the rural roads network. With this objective, he is optimistic that this project becomes a reality to give a better quality of life to the younger generation, so that they can actively take part to change the socio-economy sphere of this area.

Lamenting on lack of developmental activities in his constituency, he opined that to bridge the gap it required a proper planning to bring changes in his tenure, and to address this gap he said that we has roped in School of planning and Architecture Delhi to assist on planning process on better infrastructures on Health care system, high standard of education, accessibility to clear water, good housing and food and improvement of road connectivity etc for quality of life.

Mhathung also said that this being the iconic project for the people of the area with great expectation, he urged the contractor to give their best effort so that this road turns out to be one of the best roads in our State. He further appealed to the public of the area to provide all logistic support to the contractor for successful completion of this project.

EE (R&B) Baghty Er.Mhathung Kikon while delivering a brief report on the project said that the up-gradation of road from Sanis to Lakhuti will cover Four Villages, namely Sanis, Yonchucho, Sunglup and Lakhuti with a length of 18KM with total cost project of Rs.1542.88 lakhs, the road design and specification in existing road width is 6m with carriage width of 3.75m.

Speaking on the execution of the project on technical aspect, the contractor Hachio Patton said, PMGSY is a people oriented and risk oriented scheme where the contractor has to maintain the road for five (5) years, thus he assured to the gathering that the road will be constructed as per the specification prepared as per the Detailed Project Report (DPR) to give the best result. He also urged the public of the concern area to render all required assistance.

The Four village council while assuring to render all logistic support, also urged the contractor to construct the road as per DPR.

(News source: DIPR)