Advent Christmas for Chumukedima Area Baptist Pastors held today

Dimapur, November 29 (NE): The Advent Christmas program of Chumukedima Area Baptist Pastors Fellowship (CABPF) was held at Ao Baptist Church Chumukedima today on November twenty nine with former CM of Nagaland, Dr. SC Jamir as special guest.

According to CABPF report, delivering Christmas greetings Dr. S.C. Jamir, Former Governor of Odisha said after 60 years of political Speech it was his first time speaking from the Biblical principles. He stated, “Christmas is a time of happiness as it comes only once in a year and we should be positive towards Christmas celebration”. He further said when Jesus was born he brought humanity with Divinity also humanity and Humility with him, thus he encouraged saying the congregation to adopt good example from Jesus and to be loyal and have good relationship with God.

Dr. S.C Jamir said from 1Timothy 3:16 not to be like Herod or the priest who were close but very far. He encouraged the congregation saying that at the time of Christmas one should be in the sight and touch with God both spirituality, morally going to Church, working for the Church. He said the joy of happiness is within us and worship God with true heart and celebrate this Christmas. At the same time, the speaker of the event Rev. P Bonny Resu, former General secretary of Asia Paccific Baptist Federation (ABPF) in his address said on the topic, “He came to save his people from their Sins” Matt. 1: 21. He reminded the congregation giving the example saying we are special people. Pastor of Chang Baptist Church, Chumukedima I Zachariah Chang led the program, Rev. Manen Longkumer, CABPF president proposed the word of appreciation while Pastor Robert Aley, General Secretary of CABPF proposed the welcome note.

The programme included Christmas carol and special Presentations presented by Chumukedima area Churches.