A Naga Catholic Understanding On Indo-Naga Political Conflict And Appeal

A Naga Catholic Understanding On Indo-naga Political Conflict And Appeal

Kohima, October 14 (NEx): This article is written on Indo-Naga Political Conflict And Appeal from the understanding of Catholic Community of Nagaland which reads as follows;

The Catholic Community of Nagaland avail this God-given opportunity to thank our creator for having created us as Nagas in His very own image and likeness, thus bestowing upon us His own divine dignity.

Just as much as we treasure our own dignified lives, we too treasure and uphold the dignity of every fellow human being. We believe that every human person, in the form of communities or nations, can live honourably or peacefully without suppressing or being supressed.

In our Catholic understanding of our Christian faith, there is absolutely no room for oppressing or supressing fellow human being or nation in any manner be it political, social, economic, etc. It would be against the divine will of our Creator if in anyway, any fellow human being is discriminated on any ground for such act defiles the divine dignity of God’s presence in every human person.

We, members of the Catholic Church, are much disturbed and pained to be experiencing oppressive, suppressive, discriminating and de-humanizing times inflicted upon the Nagas by fellow Nagas and by other fellow human beings in the form of Government of India and Government of Myanmar. If
exploitation for political, social, economic or religious ground is justified, then there can be no JUST PEACE at any time amongst people or nations.

We the Nagas, believe that from generations to generations, we lived a life without any form of subjugation nor did we subjugate any people or community. But now history has so chanced that we are living under subjugation and placed in different administrative jurisdictions in the countries of India and Burma (Myanmar).

As a people, we have our right to assert our Nationhood and Independence free from any form of subjugation. As Catholic Christians, we believe in the goodness of every human being and do not doubt that better sense can prevail among conflicting social groups or nations if only each of such groups desire JUST PEACE and commit themselves to arriving at it.

The Catholic community, under the aegis of the Catholic Association of Nagaland (CAN), is committed to establishing JUST PEACE and has been humbly and committedly working towards this objective.

Catholic Community of Nagaland appeals to the Government of India to sincerely translate its recognition of the Naga Nation and referent from the process of de-humanizing the Nagas because of which JUST PEACE has evaded the two entities of India and Naga Nation for so long.

Every Naga irrespective of our occupation or affiliation that we are first dignified human beings and dignified Nagas and that we speak a single voice in the most
peaceful and unified manner, it said.

CCN believe that people or nation stand to be all the more dignified and honourable by resolving conflicts through respect and recognition of each other’s rights, the result of which will also ensure a COMMON GOOD for both the people or nation.

Thomas Magh (Secretary General),

Catholic Association Nagaland (CAN)