“A Marathon to Free” – Female Marathon Race in Commemoration of World Day Against Trafficking In Person at Tuensang

July 30: District Lead POSHAN Abhiyan organised an exclusive female marathon race in commemoration of World Day Against Trafficking In Person on 30th of July 2019 at Tuensang. The marathon was themed with “A Marathon to Free” which was participated by hundreds of women both young and old.

DC Tuensang, Mohammed Ali Shihab was the special guest of the event where he applauded the concern departmental officials for successfully bringing up such a programme which helps in giving awareness on Human Trafficking. He also urged the public and the participants that girl child education is very important for the change of the society. We have a short life and children are a blessing from God; so children free from mental and physical bondages is our duty, he added.

Addressing the participants he said “we are the good will ambassadors against human trafficking, so it should not just end up with a marathon race but awareness should go beyond boundaries and every villages so that the general public will benefit from this campaign.

He said “Human trafficking does not meant it’s a big scale activity but it starts from the kitchen chores and domestic works and forced labours. We should not silently witness those around us but play play an active role to stop before it becomes a social menace.”

The programme was led by P.H. Ramaikalo, SBP District Lead POSHAN Abhiyan and Rev. Sangkap Pastor TTBL graced the event with invocation.

After the formal programme, DC Tuensang flagged off the marathon race from TTBL Church Compound with the finishing line at Clock Tower Tuensang.

Kathi and Musem secured the first and second place respectively while Hanji M was third and other top seven finishers were awarded with consolation prize. DC Tuensang flagged off the Marathon Race.

News Source: DPRO Tuensang.