A class 6 student of DBS Kohima, Qutuzo Dozo won hearts by his kind deed

Kohima, October 17 (NE): Young good Samaritan; a class 6 student of DBS Kohima, Qutuzo Dozo, won hearts by his kind deed on Thursday, October 17, 2019.

Social media is stormed with praise for this little boy as he shows humanity and presence of mind in an attempt to help to stop the bleeding finger of his classmate with a hem of his school shirt.

Qutuzo found one of his classmates bleeding profusely from a finger injury. With some of his friends, tried to stop the bleeding using paper strips but to no avail. He wanted to use his handkerchief, but it was not clean as he’d been using it to wipe his sweat off his face.

So, in desperation, he took out his small classwork scissor and snipped out a portion of his white school shirt and immediately bound his friend’s bleeding finger, which stopped the bleeding.

He then pulled his sweater down to cover his shirt till he reached home and informed his mother of the events leading to his predicament, and coaxing her to buy him another shirt as his only intention was to do a good deed in an emergency.